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Ive been working on and off on this dang vert for over a year now. Still the same issue. Top will not open or close. It just seems like its too weak to do anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Here's what was wrong:
  • Car didn't have hydro unit
  • Top was in bad condition with corrosion on aluminum
  • Draining holes were stopped and water was getting inside boot and under rear seats

Here's whats been done in chronological order:
  • Hydro Unit replaced (Pump didn't work)
  • Relay Replaced (Pump works but top is very weak)
  • Fluid Filled (Filled to top of circle with top stored away, no fix)
  • Under seat motor replaced (This thing sometimes wont work)
  • Whole roof replaced ($50 At salvage yard, SCORE!!) (Replaced with 04 top in much better condition, still slow)
  • CVM Swapped (top stopped responding)
  • Put back original CVM (Still too weak)

  • Checked fuses, wires, lines (all were good to go)
  • INPA and BMW Scanner scanned ( Tightening frame not completely lifted and Low Voltage Terminal 30)

Other things:
  • NCS Expert cannot see CVM (was trying to code it to stock)
  • CVM II module responds to INPA and PASoft
  • Fuse 35 was blown when car was bought (50 Amp Vert Fuse)
  • Hydro Unit starts off quieter and gradually gets louder then times out.
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