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Vehicles with BS HP

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what is up with all of these vehicles that have over 200, 230, 250 and so on horse power.

I mean, my bimmer has 194 HP, and it can beat most of those cars that have this high horse power, I mean, why do they put in all this horse power but it doesn't do shyit all. They brag about it on tv as if it is so amazing, but in fact, its just BS horsepower.

even the "yah zoom zoom zoom" kid has 200 HP in that little ugly mini van.


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Most people didn't do their physics homework. To get yourself off the line fast you want a hell of a lot of torque, not horsepower. Horsepower is usually a better indication of the top speed potential of the car. Now since HP and Torque are related to eachother (which is why they always equal each other at one point on a dyno graph), you can make the argument that hp is a good indication of acceleration ability because it is related to torque directly (and vice versa), but if you want to be correct, you would know that it's torque you should be worried about.

1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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