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Vehicles with BS HP

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what is up with all of these vehicles that have over 200, 230, 250 and so on horse power.

I mean, my bimmer has 194 HP, and it can beat most of those cars that have this high horse power, I mean, why do they put in all this horse power but it doesn't do shyit all. They brag about it on tv as if it is so amazing, but in fact, its just BS horsepower.

even the "yah zoom zoom zoom" kid has 200 HP in that little ugly mini van.


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Re: i think the infinity g35 is the worst looking car in there line well next to the z

gbrandt19 said:
its just funny looking
also motor trend said that the g35 was better than the 330ci
but the 330ci wasnt optioned out like the g35 was
they also gave it higher points for being able to hit a higher speed then the 3 series

i would like them to test them again now that bmw has a 6 speed in the 330 :ben:
Motor Trend is the only mag that said that. All the other mags just stated that it's a cheaper alternative to the individual who doesn't want to, or can't shell out the funds for a 330ci. Both cars perform the same! And yes the 330ci is "supposed to be" limited at 128mph, but again, I was clocked at 138 in my stock 330ci by a CHP radar gun, so I know that not to be fact.....at least not on all 330ci's. 6-speed is just a selling gimmick!
Re: Re: Re: i think the infinity g35 is the worst looking car in there line well next to the z

Tommyboy said:

6-speed is not neccessarily a gimmick, with a 6-speed u can run a more aggressive gearing and in fact be quicker.
No, it's not a gimmick all the time, but companies do use it as a gimmick! People tend to think "ah, it's got a 6 speed, so it must be fast", when indeed, that's not always the case. The 5-speed BMW runs w/ the best of the 6 Speeds in it's class. Though, I do not doubt that BMW's 6-speed will be geared to take advantage of the powerband, and give it the edge once again. :thumbup:
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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