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VANOS Timing

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Hey there. I have a lifter tick on 2001 330ci. I wanna do the job myself, because I feel like a shop would charge me an arm and a leg. Before I do this job I’d be doing multiple things such as the big one replacing cams with the schricter cams and replacing the valve cover gasket. One thing I’m worried about with the cams and lifters is the timing and how to make sure it’s properly in time and what other things I might need to address with this kind of job. I’ve never done such deep motor work. I’m a little nervous mostly because I’ve never messed with timing on a motor.
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Check out the 50skid youtube channel, very good.

Also search on here and read up!
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I can rent you or sell you a dual vanos timing kit - I have 2 kits...But the 50skid video on vanos timing and the timing kit is all you need.

msg me if interested.
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