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What's wrong:
This morning, the CEL made it's first appearance on my dash today after being in my possession now for 4 years. Took it directly to AutoZone to have the codes read and they are as follows:

-P1523 M52: "B" Camshaft Position Actuator Tight or Jammed-

-P0500 Vehicle Speed Sensor ?A? Malfunction-

The VANOS seals were replaced at 200k and have shown no issues up until now (214k); the rest of the assembly is OE.

Now what:
Threads suggested replacing the VANOS piston seals to fix the code but I should be able to rule that out. Others say replace the sensor exhaust/intake CPS but I believe there are different codes for low signal sensors. Should I try the sensors first or find a new solenoid?

Any advice is appreciated.
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