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2005 330xi, Jet Black w Black Interior
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It might. There is a rubber grommet between the bolt and the VC hole to seal the oil (it is not a bolt but a capped nut as it is a female and not a male bolt). See, a capped nut to hold the VC down and so oil only can get out between the nut and the VC, and so the rubber grommet is needed.
Remove the cap nut and grommet, clean they in gasoline really good, and clean the VC hole wall too (the 3 sealing surfaces must be perfect cleaned), then lube the nut OD, both sides of the grommet, and the VC hole wall with grease, install back and snug the nut but do not over tighten. Guarantee no leak or money back.
The problem is that people didn't lube the cap nut OD and the grommet, so when screw the nut in, it scratch the grommet ID and leak.
Do you happen to have a part number for those rubber grommets? I have a slight leak showing on the top of the valve cover in the same area as the OP.

ETA: Never mind. I see they come with the VCG kit. How about this: Anyone know the ID/OD of those washers. I should be able to get them in most hardware store plumbing departments.
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