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V1 Owners, u happy with it or wish you

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got a Passport 8500 instead?
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Oh yeah and another thing, most radar detectors will be almost worthless if you are just speeding flat out with no other cars around you. Being alone on the road with no other traffic makes it much easier for cops to pin a speed on you. I always shadow other cars when I drive, most of the time instant on is used they are clocking cars ahead of you and you are picking it up (this is before you're clocked). Good luck out there.
SrCsTc said:
I'm 110% satisfied with it! I will NEVER buy another radar detector.

Wouldn't it help if you mentioned which one? ?:dunno:

330iGt said:

Wouldn't it help if you mentioned which one? ?:dunno:

well.. obviously .. he has v1.. this thread is directed to v1 owner :tongue:
simsima, i am curious as to how 'expert mode' would be better than a bogey counter in the situation you just described...

he drives by the sign everyday and it shows a 1 in the bogey counter. then this one day he thinks its just the normal false alarm but no! to his avail the bogey counter is showing 2, so he slows down.

i will always keep my v1, since you can upgrade it instead of throwing away it away or feeling like my radar detector is obsolete like your passport 8500 when they come out with something better (which they may already have with that srx).

also, to the thread starter: if you really want a comparison, look at what everyone who has owned BOTH has said: v1. it doesnt get any clearer than that.
bioman said:
Don't more cops use Laser than any other type of radar to catch you speeding?
Well, I know in Cali they use Laser a lot.

How does the V1 handle Laser? or the 8500?

Isn't KA the old type of radar?
KA is the new type of radar signal, well old compared to laser. Laser guns are expensive, so if you are living in Beverly hills or sorts the county can afford such equipment for its troopers, but if you live in the boonies, where the county is poor, the X and K will predominate. Many speed troopers are now using KA. So far, in the metro NY area, the officers use alot of KA, especially in westchester...and nab you with PHOTO radar gun which can be used in court and used quite effectively to find you guilty.

The V1, according to C&D states that it trounces over the 8500 on X and K...pretty damn Good...but on KA, the 8500 RULLED...also as for Laser its both the same...Laser...you just cant detect unless you are in the direct field of vision with the trooper...he points and shoots and you are just OWNED....

Im gonna get both, because.there are areas, where I travel where the troopers cant even afford a car...hahahaha...so they will go on X...GET BOTH.....and upgrade with the V1..thats what I will do....:thumbup:
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