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V1 Owners, u happy with it or wish you

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got a Passport 8500 instead?
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Wkerat said:
Got my V1 after I got nailed using my 8500 because I thought the radar was from a sign that I drove by everyday that set the detector off, well, that day there was a cop there too and I was not happy... V1 for life!
not to get up in anyone's face, or start a war or anything- but the 8500 has a feature that would have prevented your unfortunate ticket, its called Expert Mode. more important for a driver to see than any bogey counter, or directional arrow, IMO
JetBlack330 said:
Personally, I don't see how any reasonable and rational person could prefer the 8500 over the V1.

The V1 owns the 8500 in every aspect except price. But, you get what you pay for.
u couldnt be more incorrect. Yes 8500 owns the V1 in price, but also functionability (as stated above) andddddddd with the information that the unit passes on to the driver. I have driven with both.... directional arrows are not worth sh!t (again, i will stress that this is just my opinion) and they dont compare at all to the ability to view the precise # of each different radar band and each's individual intensity.

whatever, ur $, u buy the one that makes u feel the most comfortable, because its all a game that we choose to play, so buy whatever makes u feel best :D
1 - 3 of 46 Posts
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