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V. IMP: Rear license plate 'holder' modding.

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Hi guys. :hi:
I have a 318i 2001.
The rear of the car looks like this:

The bar which has the Rear license plate lights in, is black by default. And doesnt look as good as silver:

what is the name of this item? and is it possible to DYI install a new one?

Thank you very much :thumbsup:
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Those type of things were probably factory options. (if you'll notice, they have painted door handles as well).

I cant imagine its too hard to retrofit one, try realoem.com and see if it will let you pick one already painted.
i dont think theyre painted ones, simply a non-318i ones. 320+ have the silver doorhandles etc.
looking at the site now :)
also, i dont know the part name/number.. so i cant really order a new one

Single components for trunk lid - BMW parts catalog

Trunk lid grip with key button, painted

You should check the exact part number with your car's vin
thanks a lot :) now gotta find out a place that will sell it in australia
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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