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UUC Sway Installation - USE Loctite if you get rattles!

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Anyways, I think I've had to redo it like 4 times. Thanks to the DIY at my330i.com. No big deal, but twice now, the end link nuts on the sways that connect to the OEM rods keep on loosening up and making horrendous rattling sounds when going over bumps and scaring the beejesus out of me. Each time, I did tighten the nuts while the car was on ramps and under load).

It sounds like something is really wrong with the car with the rattling...

So I asked JawKnee about it and he said Loctite should do the job. That stuff is pretty expensive! Like $6.50 for .20 ozs. But well worth it if it does the job. Just did the fix yesterday and hopefully the nuts will stay on there tight now.

Luckily my rears haven't made any weird sounds at all. But if it does, I'll be sure to use loctite on that stuff too
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The nuts used on the sway endlinks (and on many other parts of the car) are self-locking nuts. These are worthless after removal, so you're supposed to replace them after taking them off. It may be cheaper to replace two front nuts rather than buying a tube of Loctite.
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