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ok, folks,

this GB is with SPP (

Retail prices and applications
1995-1999 E36 M3: $350
1999-2004 E46: $350
Model variants
330 Ci, i, CiC
328 Ci, i, CiC
325 Ci, i, CiC
323 Ci, i, CiC
2001-2004 E46 M3: $595

GB pricing

was asked to take down prices because of so many complainers. email [email protected] or [email protected] for prices and email me to get on the list (see below)

shipping wil be extra (see below).

Shipping and sales tax
-Shipping cost depends on your location and will be individually quoted
-if you are in CA, you have to pay sales tax. There is no exception to this. sorry :(

What is included in the swaybar kit
polyurethane bushings
3 hole, adjustable front bar
2 hole, adjustable rear bar.
adjustable rear end links

Duration of GB
GB will be open until Sunday, December 7th, at 9PM EST.

What to do to get in this GB

email me at [email protected] with the following:

full name
shipping address
contact numbers
times you prefer to be contacted
time zone you are in
your ride
payment preference
shipping preference
interest level (including what is the lowest percent discount you would be in for)

***payment will be made directly to SPP BUT you must be on GB list to get in on the deal***

that is all for now.


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No one has any respect for the touring...

The E46 bars will also fit 325i tourings.

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