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Useful tips for changing FUEL FILTER

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Changing the fuel filter is very straight forward. It is extremely easy. Follow the numerous DIY on this board regarding changing the OEM fuel filter.

Here are some tips that you might find useful.

1) The fuel filter is located directly underneath the driver seat on the under carriage of the car.

2) There are two ends on the fuel filter. The IN put is toward the gas tank. The OUT put is toward the front of the car. There is an arrow painted on the fuel filter. Just make sure the arrow is pointing toward the front and you will be OKAY.

3) There is a shield protecting the fuel filter from getting all banged up. Use 8mm socket to remove the nuts.

4) After removing the shield, the fuel filter is secured by a bracket. Use a 10mm socket to remove it.

5) The hose are secure by a bunch of clamps. Use a "flat top" screw driver to loosen the clamps. To tighten the clamps use a 7/32 socket or a pair of plier. You CANNOT tigten the clamps with a flat top screw driver.

6) Remove the rubber hose by wedging a screw driver on the rubber hose while pulling and twisting the fuel filter.

7) Be prepare to have lots and lots of fuel leakage. Clean fuel immediately. FUel will evaporate faster when smear around rather than sitting in a puddle.


1) Change fuel filter only in well ventilated area. I was changing my fuel filter outside and yet I still feel sick.

2) Have a fire extinguisher ready in case. Would you rather take the time to buy or find a fire extinguisher than have your car destroy or blow up?

3) When removing the fuel line or when fuel are leaking out, make sure you priodically ground yourself from static electricity. Just touch all the metal/steal components underneath your car every two-three minutes or so.
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After how many miles should this be done? And does anyone have P/Ns for the filter and lines?

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