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Hola 46'ers!
Just completed a motor swap recently, from a B25 to a B30, mechanically everything went well. Now its time for me to update the ecu to b30 specs.
I already did a full read and backed up the file with the MS4x Flasher. Currently the car is running a B25 ecu with a B30 motor, the ecu has the 66 firmware.
All the latest BIN files are updated to 69, which I have 0 problems with doing an upgrade. JUST HAVE TO DO IT RIGHT!

Problem is: I don't want to goof during these procedures and I'm not trying to have any downtime or brick the ecu.
What I have so far:
-BIN file for B25 the primary ECU, in 66 firmware
-Plain B30 BIN file in 56 firmware (from a good tested spare X5's B30 ECU I got just in case)
-BIN file for EU4 (LHD) in 69 firmware (to get rid of the rear O2 sensors)
- a copy of the EU4 file (fr MS4x) tweaked to my liking- (hopefully applied correctly)

The PLAN: delete all O2 sensors & SAP (physically done) , VANOS tweak, E-therm & E-Fan tweaks, torque, rev & speed limiters removed, Idle Speed set. The other stuff that I'd like to do I dont fully understand yet: MAF scaling, FUEL-93 only (i dont mind 89 tho), Throttle request correction and 1 or 2 more features.

What should I do first?
Flash the plain EU4 file 1st? or
Upgrade the Current/PrimaryECU (in B25 format) from 56 to 69? or
Flash my tweaked B30 filed in 69 firmware
Thanks for any and all help, in advance.
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