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The good news is that I sold my current car so now I don't have to trade it
in for a big loss since my payoff was a lot higher than what the BMW dealer
would give me.:thumbup:

The bad news is that my new BMW is still in Germany and won't be here for
like 4-5 weeks!!!:thumbdwn:

I hope its not too expensive to rent a car for 4-5 weeks!!!

I did get one quote from a place and it was like $600/month for only an
economy car!!!


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Go to enterprize rent a car and ask them for a deal. They gave me 20% discount last time....

Last week I got 50% off from them.....but I had a loyalty letter.....

But Enterprise is the way to go for a lower price....

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buy a beater maybe? something cheap as hell with basic insurance, i know winters can be bad in Mass, so it might come in handy this winter as well.

just an idea, would suck to rent a car for that long, if ur gonna spend money, might as well get something perminant from it
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