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I want to say I am happy with this setup as I didn't want to go to the extreme the AutoSolutions kit offered. I now am interested in trying it though. I guess it's like forced induction...once you get a taste you want to see how far you can go or in this case how short a shift you can go.

I had some issues with my install, but rather than fly online and bash UCC, I gave them a chance to make it right and they did.

I have been modifying my cars for 25 years now and even OEM manufacturers produce a dud from time to time as do even the most expensive aftermarket companies. It's how they treat you and handle the issues that make the difference.

UCC customer service is excellent. I am not thrilled you can't do email unless you are overseas, but that's their call and they are easy to reach and very helpful on the phone. It's not their fault that my schedule is so complicated at times :)

The car is SO MUCH nicer to drive now than my stock setup and it only had 25,000 miles of easy driving on it. I am using a ZCP knob so all comments are based on this. Throws are much shorter and more precise. The first few gears give you a nice 'klack' as you slam them home...the upper gear shifts are quieter. 3rd gear is still a notchy one, but that comes with the transmission BMW chose.

I enjoy driving the car so much more. The ZCP knob and new boot was also amazing just by itself. I don't know what BMW was thinking with the stock knob/boot all-in-one design.

First, I was not happy with the fitiment. I had a professional and highly rated shop do this install as I heard it could be problematic. I choose Foreign Affairs Motorsports out of Pompano Beach.

They had to shave the DSSR gromments slightly, it wasn't going to fit. The part was the correct one for my model. It wasn't a 'close tolerance' issue, it was no go. It only took a little bit though and they said it should not cause any issue.

The second part was the whole hieght adjustment thing. I say get rid of it. My lever came with a bushing that was too short apparently. Tightening the nut all the way until it bottomed out still left me with a shift that twisted left to right probably close to 45 degrees. I ordered a new ZHP knob thinking it was just the knob was loose and that possibly the UCC shift lever was slightly smaller than my OEM.

UCC let me know there is sometimes an issue with the insert being too short and they sent me out two new ones in 1/4" and 1/2" sizes. the 1/2" was too big. The 1/4" did the trick and I have only tightened the nut about halfway down. I will say I was skeptical, the bushings did work though.

The height adjustment didn't seem to slide easily...pretty much even with the nut fully out I could not slide the top lever up or down. I am not sure if possible the original bushing is wedged up at the top preventing it from moving, but at the same time it's at a perfect height for me anyway.

Being that the top lever is two pieces there slight wiggle room between the bottom assembly and top. It's not noticeable in driving and it's possible it dampens some of the vibrations...IMHO I'd rather have it 100% solid. Again, I am not crazy about a height adjustable short shifter. Give me a CNC'd billet with nothing that moves.

HTH, and I'd like to give a :thumbup: to UCC for a nice setup and being excellent when there is an issue.
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