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two things

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This was in the wrong forum:

One, I have a 1988 BMW M6. I'm planning on switching finally from the stock Michelin 240/45 415 with 16's 17's or 18's. Anyone have any advice on what size translates over best. What's the impact of say 17's on the back and 16's on the front?

Any brand recommendations?

Two, on the patriotic side; to hear 12 year old Sarah's rendition of the National Anthem, go here:


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Is it me. I tried to get the site to show me available pkgs--and all it showed me were the wheels. I thot pkgs were maybe a single tire/wheel combo with the price.
Thanks for the advice. Can you go further and recommend a brand. I got enuff tickets in the Pinto that I'mnot driving that agressively any more. I live in Caly, so weather is not really an issue.

I'm looking for a good but not neccessarily great tire--i.e. moderately priced.

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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