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Two more freak'en weeks Until!!!!!

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Damn I can't wait for two more weeks for this:


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Re: 448's

blk325 said:
I got rims alone for $3500, thats because this is the second set of rims I bought from this guy this year, and my whole family gets there tires, and brake's ther, but I still gotta get tires.
what do you think about the khumo's? why don't you go 235/35 in the front for more protection?
WHATEVER YOU DO....DONT GET KUMHOS( i speak from expirience)....they are by far the ****ties tire i have ever had....they spin with ANY amount of serious acceleration...i almost got into an accident like 3 times when i used to have them on....the cheap price is not worth the risk to your car....save yourself a headache later, don't buy cheap ass tires.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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