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Tweeter Blow/Rattle

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My drivers side tweeter (HK upgrade) keeps rattling. I've had the dealer replace this tweeter two times. It's now starting to rattle again. I've had no other problems with my bimmer except this. Anyone have any ideas what's causing the damn thing to blow? It's not the volume level of my music -- all my other speakers are fine, so I don't think that's the problem ... it's frustrating as heck!

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any help or suggestions?
Don't know what is causing the blow out, but I had the same prob. It has been replaced only once and no further issues. How long after the first replacement did the speaker go again?
Have the same problem in mine, the driver's side speaker right above the inside door handle. Dealer ordered me a new one under warranty.
Grey Street (another dmb fan?): About a month. They replaced it again and it went away. The problem is back again. Anyway, I heard there was supposed to be a new TSB on this where they replace any defective speakers and replace the HK amp(s) with new (presumably updated) ones. I'm not sure how to track this TSB down if it exists. Would love to print it out and bring it into my dealer. Any ideas here?
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