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I wasn't sure whether to post on long dead forums, start a new post on Romraider's forum, or some other facebook group but e46fanatics seems pretty active. I have lots of questions concerning the MS42 maf scaling tables on Romraider and Tuner pro which on both the community patchlist .xdf and .xml use the same hex address. However, they have different values. If anyone has any info on this please share. I am new to tuning and the MS42 platform so please inform me of any ignorance as I want to learn more about the tuning process.

Screenshot (22).jpg

I am using an audi maf 0280218067
with the maf scaled according to the ford datapoint spreadsheet I found here:
pasted into romraider

I am having the exact problem that the big red text says about turbochargers at the top of that forum, but I dont know of any options to "delay the onset of boost" besides creating a boost leak which I have yet to try. My load is maxing out at 1389 mg/st and my afr goes very lean at ~75% throttle while cutting power, almost like a rev limiter. Im reading and logging the afr using an aem gauge. This only happens getting into boost, anything under 3 pounds and light thottle input seem to keep the afrs low enough, but theyre still bouncing all over the place and not smooth at all but sometimes goes lean. The point of this is resolve this lean condition at what the car thinks I am demanding full load. So I increased the "Full load enrichment" table which didn't change much.

1. Is this the correct direction to be going? Although is does go lean, there is no knock, or global knock retard and current knock retard logging just doesnt work. I have a new logger definition file I just found with knock parameters defined apparently but I dont think it works on C6. My current knock sensor voltages have not gone too high, though I do not know what is considered "high" their voltages are around .4 at most.

2. Whats the best workaround for hitting the load limit in the ecu? Should I be making adjustments to the maf scale? I have lowered the maf curve at these loads which i'm not sure is the correct workaround for hitting the load limit. I have also tried retarding the timing slightly, I remember reading somewhere this would delay boost.

Romraider's axis only go to 600mg/st while im over 1000mg/stoke. Am I not seeing something and should I be looking at these axis as actually doubled because the maf hack is applied? There is a parameter in romraider that lets me change the axis, but im not sure how this applies to the tables.

3. Is there a way to go over Romraiders 1024 limit?
On the screenshot opening my 0110C6 file with the correct definition files for both programs i've also attached, the values on the romraider tables max out at 1024, after tuner pro applied the maf patch. Also, the romraider tables are half of what the tunerpro tables are.

4. Are the cell's real values actually above 1024, but just displaying it because it is the limit?

5. Does Tunerpro automatically divide all cells by two for the true scaling? Or are Tunerpro's numbers correct?

6. To properly tune the maf scale in closed loop I was going to use Romraiders MAF tab and follow the procedure here:

However, it doesn't seem to work and im not sure what parameters would be the equivelebnt to the ones mentioned on that forum, as that is for subarus.

dschultz posted this, I added inside the parenthesis, looking for confirmation these would be the correct parameters to log for the maf tab to work

AF_CORRECTION_1 = P3 (Fuel additive??)
AF_LEARNING_1 = P4 (Fuel Multiplicative??)
AFR = P58 (external AEM EUGO sensor)
CL_OL_16 = E3 or CL_OL_32 = E33 (no idea)
TIP_IN_THROTTLE_16 = E23 or TIP_IN_THROTTLE_32 = E54 (Throttle position actual?)

7. How come I can edit maf sensor definitions on Romraider with a 64kb file, but not Tunerpro? It takes about 15 minutes of me sitting in a parking lot to flash my car.

If anyone has any advice about adjustments I can make to my tune, please share as is it very very far from perfect and remote tuning seems to be scarce and expensive.

Screenshot (23).jpg
Screenshot (24).jpg _a_
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