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So in the past few months I bought my first bmw, Canadian model SMG m3, and I love it so far. Everything seems to be mechanically intact buuuuuuuut, some different variations of warning lights come on periodically.

Check engine light has been on and some times off since I got it, but as far as I know, everything is as it should be. I ran the codes and it was coming up as the timing and/or cps. There are no real symptoms which lead me to believe it was simply a misfire. (?) But after a recent oil change and a battery replacement, the light hasn't been on in quite some time now, although I didn't replace the sensor or clear the codes. I was actually planning on changing out the camshaft position sensor before the light went off, to see if that solved the problem.

Since the engine light has been off however, the gearbox warning, tire pressure, brake system, and DSC lights come on instead all simultaneously. I did change the front brake pads w/out touching the sensor not long beforehand, but that's really the only thing that's been messed with. BUT THERE ARE NO OTHER SYMPTOMS, at least that I can gather. I recall 3rd gear slipping a little maybe once or twice in the past but nothing since the warnings have come up and it wasn't really that noticeable.

The fact that it went from check engine, to simultaneous illumination of lights unrelated to the engine is what doesn't make sense to me. Sound like anything that anyone has heard of? Do I have a problem that needs to be attended after all? :facepalm:
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