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Our 2007 335i has aftermarket wheels with the TPMS removed. (I didn't post this on e90fanatics only because I see more activity here, and I have camped here for a few years, as owner of a couple e46's :) ) It looks like I have only one of the original sensors, so that means I will have to buy a new set. ShopTPMS looks like a place I might get them.

I'm concerned that the wheels might require some special adapters. They look something like the wheels in this article. The last car owner told me TPMS won't fit these wheels, but that article gives me some hope that he is wrong.

One tire shop manager told me TPMS won't work with these wheels, but my past experience tells me he may not really be knowledgeable about this. But I won't be surprised to find other tire shops giving me wrong information.

Like everyone else here, I don't want to waste time having the car in the shop while the techs and managers use it to improve there skills and know-how. So I want to be prepared by knowing how to specify what I need. Then I can either order the parts myself of tell the tire shop what to put on.

So my questions are:
1) What do I need to know about the wheel to specify the parts needed? (Like I said, the wheels are 'similar' to the ones in the link above. I'll have to look more carefully to be more accurate.)

2) What TPMS modules (brands and models) are compatible with this car?

3) How are the new TPMS sensors initialized and recognized by my car? Do I need a special tool? Would a tire shop normally have the right tools and knowledge for doing this part of the job?

4) Is there something else I probably should know about TPMS before I put new tires on? (So I don' thave to unmount them later.)

The car currently does not have run flats and it looks like my options for run flats are very limited. (The current tires are 265/30ZR19 and 235/35ZR19. The suspension is very low and stiff, with very little room for putting the wrong size on.

Here are a couple shots of the wheels and tires that are currently on the car:

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