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Hey guys! My wife and I decided it was time to go backpacking through Europe. But as enthusiasts, we knew the traditional train route wouldn't suffice. We figured why not try and buy something a little more exciting than public transportation and something a little more risky than a rental car.

We headed to Seattle's international Airport well before the crack of dawn on a Wednesday morning and after 13 hours in the air we arrived in Frankfurt Germany first thing on Thursday. Having done my homework, we planned on heading to Heppenhiem to check out some forbidden fruit for us Americans.

After nearly 4 hours of train hoping (one connecting train was delayed by an hour) we made it from our rental to the car.

It's a 2001 320d Touring with a 5 speed manual and alcantara sport interior.

It's not in the greatest shape, and certainly not in "top condition" or "always serviced by BMW" like advertised. It is however passable for a few months. The cheaper we got it, the longer we can flog it around this half of the world. And if you're wondering, shady used car dealers are just as shady in Germany as they are in the US. However here they have nicer buildings.

So we pulled the trigger. We began the process of registering the car for export which gives us non-residents registration and insurance to legally own and drive the car. You think the DMV is bad at home? Try again. Germany loves their paperwork and we waited in line to just be assigned plate numbers for close to 3 hours. But at 7pm Thursday evening, we received our plates. About 35 minutes later we reversed the nearly 4 hour train journey and arrived back at our rental.

With transportation secured, the first major hurdle of our trip was passed. And as night fell, we could relax and prepare for the next portion to begin.

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