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I'm switching BMW's this week & selling the 2000 323i. To prep for sale, I put together a service history with costs covering eight years & 165,000 miles. Very interesting (alarming?) to look back on all the stuff I had to fix. Factoring in purchase cost and gas at 23 mpg & $3.00 gallon (conservative?). I came up with $53,000 in total cost. That works out to $6,700 per year or $0.32 per mile. Anyone else track their numbers?

It would be great if this site or elsewhere supported an E46 service history database. Members could enter repair info & mileage (and cost?). Would be a useful source of the kind of repair frequency data that BMW may know but certainly doesn't share.

Moving on to a 2004 330Ci. My fifth BMW since a 1975 2002.

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that's quite a lot...it seems to much to spend $6,700/year, what part of this amount was spent on fuel and what part was actually spent on maintenance? I think it's important to split the amount...anyway it should be an interesting topic :)

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Using simple math, 165,000 miles / 23 mpg = 7,173.91 gallons of gasoline.
7,173.91 gallons X $3 per gallon = $21,521.74

Over the last 8 years, my gasoline price has averaged $2.65 a gallon (I always buy premium, one tank of $8.00 a gallon 100 octane included in average)
For my 91177 miles, I spent $9879.03 for 3724.123 gallons and averaged 24.5 mpg.

Ohhhhh to fill up at the 2003 price of my first tank, $1.769 a gallon!!!! (and the November 2003 price of a $1.499)

15 oil changes (3 covered by BMW)
two trans fluid changes - one with filter
2 quarts of power steering fluid
5 air filters (including BMW performance intake)
one battery (plus one during warranty)
One set of FCABs
one set front rotors/pads and rear pads only - two new brake pad sensors
4 diff fluid changes
one set of rad hoses (have original as backup)
2 sets of belts (have original as backup)
one water pump (Stewart, still have the original as backup)
2 sets of spark plugs
2 alignments
3 sets of tires
6 brake fluid changes (two during warranty)
couple of tail light bulbs
one windshield washer pump
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