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Top2Bottom Autowerks -pics-

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Whats up guys.... A lil backround on Top2Bottom.... we basicly started as a detailing company in the summmer doing some detailing by word of mouth and what not did pretty good with that and made some money.... we have always modded our own cars...but now we have gotten into it havy.... Our cars arnt all Euro in fact im the only Euro car.... everything though is imports... Right now we have an eclipse, a prelude, and of course my car that are heavily modded right now....and all done up.... we have a civic in the garage now and like 3 others waiting in line for majore body work

We do all of the work ourselfs...painting, body work, you name it we do it.... after doing our 3 cars...the current car in the garrage we are finaly starting to make some money....

Here is a link to some of the pictures that i posted over at bimmerforums of progress pics of the prelude....


Also here is a link of some progress pictures of my car...and my trunk set up......


And then im posting some more recent pics....actualy the first day we got to take the mine out and the prelude... due to the 80ft of snow northeast ohio got!!!!!! The eclipse is back in the garage we are tearing out the interior and doing some custom stuff to that....its lookin good... ill have pics of that when its done....


your comments criticism and suggestions are greatly appreciated




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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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