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Hi guys!

I've been lurking on here for quite a while now and I thought I'd best make at least one post, so here goes. Be easy on me!
I've got a set of standard staggered OEM MV1's on my 325 Coupe at the moment. The MV1's are wrapped in the typical 225/40/18 and 225/35/18 Continental Sport 3's and drive really well (up until recently). Anyway, they're mounted on 20mm front spacers either side and 15mm rear spacers either side to push the lips out a little more, meaning the offsets have changed as of below...

18x8J 225/40/18 ET47 (Spaced 20mm to ET27)
18x8.5J 255/35/18 ET50 (Spaced 15mm to ET35)

I'm replacing the wheels as I got the car aligned and tracked up recently to sort out a steering-wheel-wobble issue and as it was in the workshop they found out that the front left wheel has a slight buckle in it that's actually causing the wobble itself. So yeah, good time to get some new shoes!

The replacements are a staggered set of ACS 18's in 8.5J/F and 9.5J/R. I'm looking at keeping the tyres that are currently on the MV1's and swapping them over onto the ACS as they're pricey tyres and have plenty of life left. What I want to know is, will I have trouble running the rear wheels with the 255 tyres? Here's the specs of the wheels:

18x8.5J 225/40/18 ET38 (spaced to ET33)
18x9.5J 255/35/18 ET33 (not spaced)

I've had a look on www.willtheyfit.com at sizes and the fronts sit absolutely spot on (even so with a little room to play with), and the rear lips stick out 14mm more each side than the current setup, yet the tyre will just have a slightly stretched/flatter sidewall instead of the slightly bulbous one running at the moment.
I get very minor rubbing at the moment with two people in the back when going over bumps as I'm lowered a fair bit on AP coilovers, but I don't intend on carrying passengers in the back in the near future. Without people in the back, the car drives superbly with no issues. Any help from the wheel/tyre gurus out there would be really appreciated! The guys over on e46zone.co.uk (the UK E46 site) weren't the most helpful regarding this, not many of them like the idea of running wheels wider than 9J unless on an M3.

Would I need to run a different tyre size on the rear? 245/35/18 maybe?
Would I need to roll the arches? They're currently stock.
I'd ideally prefer to just get a different tyre size, but arch-rolling is all good too.


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Simply put, as far as tire sizing, you can fit that 225/40 and 255/35 no problem. Since you are on coilovers, I cannot guarantee that you will have no rubbing issues but you may need to run a small spacer to clear the struts. It is not uncommon to run 9.5 rear width on BMWs, and with a Coupe you have a bit more clearance.
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