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Titanium headlight trim housing...

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I have a little cash to spare and want to buy the OEM titanium headlight trim housing. What is the part number for this for a SEDAN? Also does anyone know pacific bmw's price?:thumbup:

Also, I did a search and couldn't find anything so i made a post as a last resort...
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I think they have them for $45.00 or in that range. Listed price is like $50 something. I have them and it will make your car look cooler!
Does anyone know the part number for this for a sedan?
go on ebay they have it for like 50 bucks
Dude, paint your own!!! I bought the OEM titanium ones, and i thought they were pretty dull looking...so i sold those, and painted my black ones silver....so much better!!!!
I agree - paint your's... However, if you search for titanium headlight on google - one of the first pages listed is circle bmw's page - they have them for $58. No need for the actual part #.
paint your own !! They will come out great
If you're too lazy to click over, the part number for a sedan is:

63 12 6 908 891
i picked up mine too also from circle............yet to install it though
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