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Let me know if this is the corrent forum for this question

I own a 2001 330xi and bought 17" ASA GT5s about a year ago. They were balanced using square tire weights that attached to the inner wheel. Never seem them before onlt the wi=eights that attach to the rim of the wheel.

Recently I got new BMW OEM brakes/brake rotors installed and now the steering wheel shakes when I drive 55+

I noticed that tire weights on the rims are no longer there and the clearance between the wheels and the brake calipers is almost nothing.

Could the new brake rotors be bigger than the original rotors and the weight were broken off by the calipers?
Are there any options to balance them with different tire weights?

I hoping I don't need to buy new wheels

Let me know if you need more info

Thanks for any suggestions and options

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