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This must a joke...outragous m-tech price

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This must be a joke...outragous m-tech price

So, I went to the dealer today in So Fla....Ive been doing some research on dealers on the east coast to order my m-tech for cheap prices...well I went to one here and just look at the price!...outragous-over 1000 in parts unpainted!.....ive gotten price from 300 to now this!...the overall conclusion I have decided Im going to order it from Circle or a dealer in MD and shipped to MD or NY and have it painted in May....In MD i can get it w/o fogs and splitters for 500 painted and installed all parts....the funny thing is this is advertised as the m-aero kit in the bmw acces. book as a msrp for 999 the entire kit!.....
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what the average you guys in MD/DC/VA/PA have paid for your parts and install??
Re: This must be a joke...outragous m-tech price

BGReddy00 said:
....In MD i can get it w/o fogs and splitters for 500 painted and installed all parts....
where in MD are you getting that price?
Are you getting it done at First Choice? You think they'd have a discount if they got more than 1 car involved with the same install? I know other people in the MD area are interested in getting the M-tech. Does the $500 include brake ducts?
500 is everything, this offer is at Tate BMW in Annapolis...I would def get it done at firstchoice over Tate, but it probably going to be more like $800 there just because they are a really good body shop, and appointments are very hard to get....talking a month or two thats how long it took to get my rear done there and it was $815 parts,paint, and install....
Since it's at a bmw dealer, that means you don't have to buy the parts separately, they'll obtain everything right? You know if they give out loaner cars for this? How long does it take?
they wont give you a loaner since you didnt buy the car there...but the parts are 399 and 100 for paint so its basically a pkge deal if you get it done at their body shop....it should take 2-3 days max for it to be done
those are some funny prices there.

its mostly the ancilary parts that are inflated. for example those bumper supports they are charging u 11 bux for, i got for 2 dollars. foglights they want 120, u can get for 80. etc etc
that's the difference between retail price and wholesale price...
id like to see the acutal cost of these parts...because I bet the bumper is around 180 or so at cost...
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