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The Power!!!!!

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ok guys
im trying to think of what u put in ur e46 to pump the hell out off it. u know, adding power to it...

1) Exhaust
2) Intake
3) sc/Tubro
4) Throttle body
5) Headers
6) Performance chip
7) racing cats

please add on to the list...
and dont put something down like "a new engine"
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go to renn-sport.net....check out technik stage 4 NA kit....

Stage 4 Power Kit:
Yields about 315 hp and close to that in torque!!:yikes:
Samir said himself that it gives around 315hp...there is a dyno of stage 2...which gives around 260/260 crank.....
A supercharger by itself will give you more power then the stage 4...but less reliability...however, Samir said you can combine stage 4 and a supercharger and get around 450hp at the crank.
TheDream21479 said:
Or you could sell your car...add that to the 14k and buy a pre-owned E46 M3 (shrug)
and have 100 less hp and 200 less torque:dunno:
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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