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As of 2 days ago, my beloved and ledgendary E46 is sold.

Here's her story...

Well. Here's the story about my E46.

It is my first car. I might get flamed for having a BMW as my first car, but it is a Steptronic, 325i, with 90k miles when i got it. It was a steal.

I was into cars when i got it, but once i got it, i joined forums, and everything changed.

Shiit went down with this car. I love this thing. I got her on July 28, 2007. And i have driven the **** outta her.

Less talk, more pics.

You will see a ton of stages of my car as she evolves, and i dont really want to write a writeup about every single step.

Gah. Photobucket fuucked up my order, so i guess i will add comments about every photo.

When i got her. :)luv:)

a few weeks later. Rogue IKON exhaust, smoked corners, smoked LED Tails, black grilles, etc

Christsmas came around, i got some 8000k Angel Eyes.

Then i got that Mtech2 front bumper. woot

My 4th autocross (on non sport, stock suspension) Look at that body roll!!!!

Then i started going very, very well in school, Junior year in high school, and made honor roll.

I was finally permitted to lower and put wheels on my car! Oh boy, i was so excited...

DDM coilovers. (eek...)

Made a trip up to LA to get these 19" Matte black Staggered CSL Reps from a fellow board member.

19x8.5 ET 40 - 235/35/19
19x9.5 ET 45 - 235/35/19 <-- Stretched a little

My first photoshoot of the whole new look.


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and of course, the peer pressure of the SD (super slammed) crew led me to secretly lowering my car more and more everytime my parents were away..

i then purchased a pair 20mm spacers from another fellow board member. and man, i love em.

20mm in the rear. jeebus... poke.

with epic poke, comes epic rubbing from un-rolled fenders.

adjusting the camber in the fronts.

I then cracked one of my rears. and i only put the wheels on for photoshoots and meets and stuff.

Thus, i daily drove with my stock 16"s, powdercoated matte black 10% gloss.

some necessary canyon runs.

I got bored of the smoked, so i went to Ambers. hell yes. Had a little photoshoot after Breakfest in Balboa.

I then wrapped my interior trim in CF fabric. epic interior transformation.

I traded my smoked for clears with a bud.

Last shoot with the wheels and the roof rack, sold them shortly after.


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And an epic autocross day.

Hella sideways.

Being so low, scraping so many times, and fuucking my bumper up so bad, it cracked on me somehow.

I also ripped the Angel Eyes out (bandwagon ftl.)
I slapped some 2500k Nokya bulbs in the DRLs, and had the DRLs enabled.

Hell yes.

So Brandon, you sold your 19" blackies, what now?



17x8 OEM BBS Style 5.
205/40/17 Fuzion ZRi all around.
20mm in the back sometimes, making the offset ZERO. and pokin like a lil biiiiitch.
10mm for the fronts are on the way!



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1995 Alpine White/Black Vader E36 M3 @ 128k miles.
Tastefully modded and meticulously maintained by a fellow BMW CCA instructor.

cant wait to see it. gotta tell you, you are def one of my favorite guys on this forum

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very nice! i think the black csls were my favorite look. although the silver csls with 255 look good as well. goodluck with the e36!
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