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Photo by: Johnny @ KCR Design

DIMSIM is gone but during it's lifetime it had met alot of people that made her what she was.

Many thanks to the following that have all played a vital part to her success::)

:bow:Apollo Bay Auto Care
Lot 20, Oak Avenue, Apollo Bay, Vic, 3233
Ph: 52376720

:bow:Autocraft Service & Repairs P/L
17 Aristoc Road, Glen Waverley, Vic, 3150
Ph: 95618591 Mob: 0403382922
Special thanks to Alphan Ng and Kam Chan

:bow:Autobarn Melbourne
529 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne Vic, 3000
Ph: 93265672

446 High St, Preston, Vic, 3072
Ph: 94786688
Speical thanks to John Beyer

:bow:BM'S R US Auto Parts
250 Edwardes Street, Reservoir, 3073
Ph: 94605755

:bow:Brunswick Tyre Service
297 Albert St, Brunswick, Vic, 3056
Ph: 93812428/93880988
Speical thanks to Andy

:bow:Cafe 153
153 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay, Vic, Australia
Ph: 52371123
Speical thanks to Pete

228 Cheltenham Road, Keysborough, Vic, 3173
Ph: 1300663505
Speical thanks to Alky & Eric Kara

:bow:Daalder Exhausts
500 Station Street, Box Hill, Vic, 3128
Ph: 98904444

:bow:Doncaster BMW
812-814 Doncaster Road, Doncaster, Vic, 3108
Ph: 98486088
Special thanks to Aden Tiljak

Special thanks to every single member in the Australian section as well as the rest of the world, for all my inspirations, advice, and friendships.

:bow:Euro Division
Special thanks to Jason

:bow:Highway Tyres
34 Princes Highway, Doveton, Vic, 3177
Ph: 97060066
Special thanks to Mike Zarb

152 Cochranes Road, Moorabbin, Vic, 3189
Ph: 90770208
Speical thanks to Omer Dost

:bow:Micropak Australia
Ph: 0413455645
Speical thanks to Sam Cascone

:bow:Mufflers & More
250 High St, ashburton, Vic, 3147
Ph: 0450675984
Special thanks to Glenn

:bow:Racing Project P/L
14 Thornton Cresent, Mitcham, Vic, 3132
Ph: 98740066
Speical thanks to Nelson Tang and his family

:bow:Statewide Locksmiths
255 Main St, Lilydale, Vic, 3140
Ph: 97395555

:bow:Vunsze Photography
Ph: 0421639284
Special thanks to Larry Chew Vun Sze

:bow:Worx Automotive
353 Albert Street, Brunswick, Vic, 3056
Ph: 93874440
Special thanks to Stephen J McKenna

I would also like to extend my personal thanks to the following people::)

:bow:Aln Lim for being an excellent photographer and friend.

:bow:Alex Wu for being an excellent DIY partner and friend.

:bow:Eric Chang for being there at the beginning, for all the hard work on the car, advice and suggestions.

:bow:Eric Huang for being an excellent photographer and friend.

:bow:Jon Ong for being the mastermind behind one of the best and most unique DIY mods ever!

:bow:Peter Morris for being the best fanatic and friend, for all those 'we can't be fcvked doing anything lets go for a mountain run times', for showing up to nearly every single one of my meets and helping me organise, for being a post whooore and for being awesome.

:bow:Rick Chan for being an excellent helping hand when s**t hits the fan. I will never forget that time when I fcvked my gear knob up!!

Dear Fanatics,

I will still be involve whenever I can and keep in touch with the community, always will be, though it will be alot less I will always cherish everyone that I have come across here as I have never made this many friends via the internet. You guys have made me learn and grow not just with cars but as a person. Thankyou.

:bow:DIMSIM X:bow:

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Take care Gary..hope all is going well in HK, there quite a scene over there for modified bmws from what i saw a few weeks ago

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Never met you, but that farewell post shows you are a class act.

I honestly hope you get back to Australia as soon as possible. You are an asset.

Best wishes,


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see ya Gary!

hope all goes well in HK for ya.

I may be over there for a week in Feb, but i'll let you know!

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Good Luck Gary, You classy mofo.

It goes without saying that the coolness of the Australia section has just taken a big hit :(.

Take care and good luck in your future endeavours and drop by Sydney sometime soon.

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HK ftw! Great place to be.

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Good Luck Gary, You classy mofo.

It goes without saying that the coolness of the Australia section has just taken a big hit :(.

Take care and good luck in your future endeavours and drop by Sydney sometime soon.
+1 good luck Gary, I will miss seeing your car on the road. All the best and hope you will be back again like last time! :clap:
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