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Taillights on 2004 coupe possible swap to a 2002 coupe?

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The taillights on the 2004 coupe are the same ones from the new 7 series which are like a group of small neon lights put together. If you have seen a new 7 series at night you know what i am talking about, anyways the new coupe comes with those same lights. Are you guys thinking what i'm think, yes a swap for the new lights for our bmws. Possible or impossible?:dunno:
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i would like to do that to my car
LED? i think last time they discussed it the answer was negative
Why do you think it is not possible? Same lights same size some wiring might be required.
Any new info on this topic. ????

The main problem I see is with the 'adaptive' feature, that turns on certain led depending on the brake pedal effort.
i know its not a direct swap. Connections are different. And that is just go get them fit in the back and wired. I believe people who where trying to do it where having trouble with the light control module. And i guess that is not a cheap part to get. so i dunno. I think richp was playing around with them for a while.....
It has been done but as stated the LCM was $ ...
Same design as 7 but not same light module.
It has been done but you will need an updated LCm and if I remember the total it was something north of 1K for the whole deal and still left a light warning module blinking on the dash.

Try Roadfly and look for Greg W from Washington, I thing he is the Guru for this conversion.
Someone already did it on this forum, do a search it was last week when they posted results. Parts are around $700 if you dont need the light control module. Plus you also need to have your car's computer reprogrammed by the dealer inorder for the led tails to work. So far the software will not enable the adaptive brakelight feature which enables the DSC to turn on the outter LED ring to light up depending on the severity of the braking.
PM RichP, he did it to his ride, looks sick
Seems like alot of dough for led lights, i think i'll just keep my dough and put it towards an M3
The LED tail lights look like ass anyway. Theres not enough bulbs in there to make it look good. BMW should have put about 30 more smaller bulbs in there to make it look better.
About the
Adaptive brake lights.

It is possible to get it to work...

See Link:
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