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Tailight Connector/ Holder Fix

Hey guys this is for those of you experiencing lighting issues where, one may be brighter than other.

Or second problem is your lights flash quicker than other side, and all the lights work but you can't get why it may happen?

A few things could be corrosion where the sockets are filled with grease or their corroded and needs a good cleaning.

Is that when you take out your connector that connects the wires to your bulb holder it's infact actually that one of the pins melted or caused a surge. This is what happened to me, and may happen to you. It's very common on the E46 models. My pin #5 was totally snapped in half, and caused a improper contact with my connector.

Now for the DIY.

You will need:

A new connector
A new wire (make sure it's the right color) Mine was brown.
A new bulb holder (if the pin that sticks out is broken or burnt. )
A pair of tweezers or small pliers
Electrical Tape
A wire screw thingy ( The orange thing where you can screw two wires into ) If you guys know what I'm saying.
Wire cutters/ stripper.

Rank of difficulty:


40% difficult. It's very easy!

Other wise if your bulb holder is fine and not melted like mine was or the metal plug that stick out inside of it wasn't broken then it should be ok. But I advise you to use a new part anyways.

1. First off take off your old bulb holder, and salvage the light bulbs since they should be still good.

2. Now having all the parts, take the white clip off your existing connector. By pinching the two side of the clip. Pics will be posted later.

3. Once the white cover is off the connector, you can go ahead, and depress the first wire in location 1 to 6 depending on model and type of your vehicle. Most should just have 6 wires.

4. Depress one at a time, there's a shiny metal piece that hold it in place. It just clips in place. So depress one at a time, and switch it over to the new connector. In cronological order. It's very important you DO NOT get the wires mixed up.

Basically the first wire you take out, and put in the new connector, and so on.

5. Now lets say you reach the defective wire and clip, just cut the damn thing far enough where your able to strip it, and attatch the new wire. Trust me they gave me about a 20cm brown wire to attatch to my old wire.

6. Once you have cutten the wire, strip it, and strip the new wire. Then liek you would solder them, just twist them together, and put it into an orange wire cap. The thingy that screws the wires together.

7. Once that's done, using electrical tape just secure the cap in place, and wrap the new wires together.

8. Now place the new wire clip into the new connector, and continue on with the rest of your wires if any.

9. Now that the wire part is done, remember to put back on the white wire cover that goes on the connector.

10. Once that's done insert your new connect into your new bulb holder, and the light should work at this time!

This is the end of the DIY I will post pics as much as possible, but I didn't think this was a complicated job. Depending on how mechanically challenged you are.


Steve P.
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