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Alright, its not for my M3, but my e34, just the same, everyone on this board seems to know what they're doing and likes to post responses, plus the project is like a pre-rec for tha M. My plans are for the e34 b/c its my first DIY, and im not sure what im doin. ive been searchin the web for the past week trying to learn and read everything i can about installin a stereo. so heres what ive come to, and wat im missin. (its a budget oriented proj, but i dont want cheapo either)

HU--Alpine CDM-9801
FS--Infinity Kappa 60.5cs (comps)
RS--Infinity 6002si (coax driven by HU)
Amp--Alpine MVR-T320 (2 ch runnin the front comps)

So thats what i got so far. Now the Qs :)
1) Does wat i have work so far?
2)Do i need to rewire the car? im not trying to win and competitions, but obviously want clear sound
3)Fat Mat or Brown Bread, not Dynamat rite?
4)im wanna biuld my own box to, but i'll cross that bridge when i get there, plan on usin 2 JLs 12W3v2 or 10W3v2. wada ya thing bout these?
5) what kind of amp do you guys rec for those subs?
6)am i missin anything in tha plan?
7)any begginer DIY advice???

thanks a lot guys
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