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This is rather frustrating. My car has been driving like crap after receiving the car back from the dealership. Instead of openning the head of the engine up top, they work from the bottom of the car and undo the front suspension.

Nowadays, when i drive over minor bumps my CD skips and driving has now become more of an annoyance than a pleasure over imperfect roads. i checked the busings and shocks and all seems to be in good working order.

After speaking to some BMW gurus last night over dinner, it became apparent that the dealer undid the front suspension for the bearing work and then improperly preloaded the front suspension during reassembly.

The guys at the dealership are clueless about this so bringing it back to them or complaining will not be worth the effort. I'll be doing an alignment soon anyway so ill have them rework the front suspension.

I already had to bring the car back due to some misprograming on the car.
Is this the quality you come to expect from a high end car manufacturer?

Hope most of you had better experiences with their cars after this job. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up of this possibility incase any of you have noticed changes after the bearing recall service.

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While I hear that you are having problems with you car the logic you are using does not make any sense

1) It would not be possible to perform the recall from the top of the motor as the connecting rods are on the bottom.

2) The dealership does not disconnect the suspension, they simply drop the front sub-frame leaving everything connected.

3 )What does this even mean?

"dealer undid the front suspension for the bearing work and then improperly preloaded the front suspension during reassembly" mean?

That really doesn't make any sense, nor does the conclusions you are coming to.

4) What do you mean you will have the alignment shop "rework the suspension"?

Sorry you are having problems but it doesn't really make any sense. If you could post more information members might be able to help.

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