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Suspension? Adjustable?

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Ok, im just wondering, is there any suspension that will drop my car, but can be adjusted to my liking? coil overs? adjustable? what is there? Just wondering, i got eibach right now, but in the future i plan to change to something i can put to an exact height that i like.

- for example.... what are koni adjustables? does that lower the car also?
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325i-Vizon said:
hm, where can i get the bilstein coilovers and kw v2 coilovers? Do these work in conjunction with springs, such as the eibach pro kit, or does it entirely replace the springs?
You can get it from [email protected]

Coilovers entirely replace the springs. Coilovers are a combination of springs and shocks, but has an additional feature that allows you to adjust the height. Some even allow you to adjust the dampening, meaning how stiff the shocks are.
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