Hey guys long time no post. I sold my brothers my bimmers and am listing my hoard of parts as I find them. Will update as I list more stuff. My ebay links with pics are below if anyone is interested. More than happy to sell to a local fanatic for cash or crypto, through ebay, or would ship anywhere in the us for a discount instead of going through ebay. Any questions feel free to pm or post in the thread. Located in Philly/NJ

Dinan Supercharger kit parts - $1,299.00 (No Supercharger )

AA Prima kit parts - $1,399.00 (No supercharger)

Mishimoto Radiator + Spal fan and bracket - US $399.00

KW v3 Springs from M3 coilover kit - US $249.00

KW V3 front passanger coilover strut never installed ($500 new from kw germany) - US $289.00

Have other normal used/new various parts as well. Stay tuned.