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Supercharged Step.

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What do i need to do to put a supercharger in an auto 330? i heard that you can't push more than 300 hp on a auto or something will break. so what do i need to change to get my auto to handle more than 300 hp.
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I think u can get a racing tranny that can handle 300+ hp
a racing auto tranny? or would it be a auto to manual swap? i dont mind swapping to a stick because that is was i wanted, but i dont want to do that cause it will cost hella $$$.
i'm sure i remember this topic being discussed before... and if i'm not mistaken the sc kit was applicable to the step trannies...
the active autowerk sc project car has an auto
All the SC companies have auto cars (ESS, RMS, ASA, etc)...

Not a problem..However, getting say a Stage 2 ASA putting out 370Hp+ on an auto is not a good idea...
well I have an auto 330ci and was just curious to find out the answer to this thread as well....but try doing a search on it
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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