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Hi guys,

I'm currently running standard non HK system in my E46 330i.
I've attempted running a 12" Type R (SWR-1222D) sub in a sealed box built to enclosure requirement, powered by a Pioneer GM-D8500M amp.

The bass output is low (probably due to the nice stock exhaust note drowning the bass). I'm suspecting that the power output may be insufficient. I've sold the amp since and looking at other options now.

Subwoofer specs:
- Wired as 4 ohms (2+ 2 ohms)
- 500W RMS

Amp specs:
- Continuous 300W RMS at 4 ohm
- Gain control about 2/3 to max
- Speaker level input (eg. 2 positive and 1 negative connection to rear speakers)

I'm after more SQ bass to cover the lower octave.

The options I've gathered so far are:
1. Run a under the seat, all in one active subwoofer
2. Or purchase a more powerful amp say 500 to 600W RMS at 4 ohm to power the current sub. eg Alpine or Rockford with speaker level sensing circuit

Here's my thoughts:
- option 1: Does not hit quite as low or cleanly.
- option 2: Plenty of bass but not transmitted to cabin since I don't have a ski hole on the rear seat.

I'm not interested in open to air subs at the moment as I'm chasing a tight, clean SQ sub setup. Budget is no more than $400.

Any thoughts and experience you guys/gals like to share? :hmm:


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