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Carmax is trying their hardest to make sure I'm happy. Which I really appreciate. They will not fix this car under warranty (can obviously be done), but they will try to find me a similar vehicle. Now, they fully understand that the reason I wanted this one was because of the ACS rims and the clear corners. The guy I talked to tonight said he could not promise, but he's pretty sure that once they find a similar vehicle they will take the rims and clears and put them on the new one (that is if the new one is a sedan - speaking of - if it's a coupe, will the front clears fit? I know the rears probably won't, right?).

All I have to say is :thumbup: to Carmax. So far they have been excellent and seems they continue to do so.

Now, until that happens, the 328 will be garaged and I'm back to driving the 4-banger Ford Ranger. :bawling: Now, don't get me wrong! I am thankful to God that I have it, but it's obviously not my preference. I'm going from 2.8L inline-6 BMW to a 2.3L inline-4 Ranger with 32" tires!!! (talk about lack of torque! this thing won't even climb my in-laws' driveway). Oh, well! Let the search begin! (again)
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