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I just read an article by Steve Brown (the guy who works for Alpine and does CRAZY ass installs - the last one was an RSX, and before that and AWESOME e36M3)

Anyway, he mentions that its best to have the subs facing towards the rear of the trunk if you are going to have them sit flush against the back seat. The reason has something to do w/ "bass loading".

He actually suggests the best place to put one or two subs if possible is in the corner at the rear (next to the battery). I never thought of that, but I might try it out next time I do a reinstall of my system.

slikk66 said:
hey all, this is a question for anyone who has installed a sub box/ amp combo in an HK equipped 3 series....

first off, is that black box at the top of the trunk the subwoofers for the HK system? or just the rear speakers...

if i remove it will it matter?? im installing 2 x 12" kicker subwoofers with a 600 watt kicker amp, im just worried the stock subs will rattle and sound bad, if i can take them out id like to...

im putting in a band pass box (the one with 4 big sound holes) should i point them at the back of the seats (i have fold down) or towards the trunk, i just want to hear the most bass possible...

i used a Ven2 line output converter, was a pain in the a$$ to install... email me if you are gonna do the same thing and need any questions answered...

thanks guys, love this forum =)
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