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We got who knows how much snow yesterday and today must of been atleast 30cm (12 inches) and we still have idiots riding their bikes on icey, snow covered roads in the middle of the right lane. It drives me up the wall they cause traffic by obstucting one lane of a two lane road and they could easily fall on my car or under. Thank G*d it hasn't happened yet. I am considering patitioning for a bill to make it illegal to ride your bike when there has been any snow fall. Agravates me to all H*ll. If I wasn't such a lazy bastard I would really do it.

We had 1200 car accidents this weekend, 300+ car related injuries and 8 deaths cause of the snow (3 of the deaths are heart attacks from shoveling). Just today I watch some VW in front of me loose and go into on comming traffic.

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