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Stripped: E46 Automatic Transmission. Must see epicness, period.

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man id let this guy perform heart surgery in a heart beat.
lol so he can take apart your heart, spin it around, and take pictures of it and document everything?

neil is a cool guy, but i wouldn't take it that far :rofl:
man id let this guy perform heart surgery in a heart beat.
i'd let neil do a lot more than that

Damn Neil, great stuff, even though I don't have any understanding of what you posted! :bow: :bow: Makes me curious what my tranny looks like since I just passed the 260,000KM mark and it's never been touched once.
man id let this guy perform heart surgery in a heart beat.
You would die :rofl:

i'd let neil do a lot more than that

Wow, cool! Just curious, how does one remove the transmission from a car in a home garage? Did you have 2-foot tall jack stands and a pallet jack or what??
Did you finally got the V1 in a ashtray diy. Cant wait to see it.:excited:
Amazing. very intresting as well.

great job man.

those automatic transmissions have some super complex engineering into it.
AMAGAWD :eek:mg:

Even though my tranny still working fine, I just want to say thank you for contributing! When the time comes.... I know where to look :craig:
Was wondering if the torqure converter is sealed and the oil contained within undrainable? Also is the bell housing that surrounds the TC itself is filled with oil and how much approx?
Actual driving

Neill, apart from the reverse, did the actual drive of the car feel any different after the change?
how to put those yellow platic balls back

Great legendary post :thumbup:. Helped a lot on my no-reverse fix today. Thanks.

But, do you still remeber where are those small yellow plastic balls belong to? There are so many holes inside of that valve body! 12 balls but more than 12 holes!! I was lost right there and couldn't get it back :banghead:. Neil, can you help?

do you remember how you removed the bell housing from the actual tranny body. do I have to use a small hammer and hammer it out?
hi! i like to ask what is the prob of my 2000 328 ci there is oil leak in the middle of trans and engine look like atf..tnx!
101 - 115 of 115 Posts
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