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just wondering what the stock quarter mile times are for these cars and if a 328ci is that much faster.

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Based on what I've seen, read, and know, I'd say the average quarter mile times for the E46 (manual trans) are in the following ranges (my best estimate of an overall average in parenthesis):

323/325: 15.3-15.6 @ ~ 91 mph (15.4)
328: 14.9-15.2 @ ~94 mph (15.0)
330: 14.6-14.8 @ ~96 mph (14.7)
M3: 13.4-13.7 @ ~105 mph (13.6)

Again, these are average times on normal street tires. I've seen mostly stock cars of all of the above types run faster (and slower) times than these, but that was mostly due to expert drivers or drag slicks, or track conditions/weather.

If you want, I'll copy and paste the results of a computer simulation that uses dyno data, weight, gearing, and aerodynamic drag (among many other things) to calculate how fast a car will accelerate.

Average times for automatics-

323/325: 16.0-16.3 (16.2)
328: 15.5-15.8 (15.7)
330: 15.0-15.3 (15.2)

Yes, the 328 auto is about even with a 323/325 manual (and probably a bit slower, especially up top where the manual's gearing advantage really comes into play), and the 330 auto is a bit slower than the 328 manual. 325 auto is quite a bit behind the rest.
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