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I was hoping that someone might be able to offer some technical advice, I have my 330xi /nav/hk for about a month. radio still isn't right i am getting desperate so forgive if i am providing too much info just trying to be accurate:

I've confirmed that my stereo sounds poor, lacks a bass or 'punch'., I noticed this when i got a nearly identical loaner car (head unit was businessradio)

I confirmed it again by getting a lot car w/a exactly same set up only my car sounds obviously poor the techs also agree the shop cars are obvisouly sounding better

my theory was that the rear subs were not working at all. I went to dealer today they disconnected the rear 5'' and w/test disk confirmed the 6x9subs were at least doing something.

here is where things kinda get strange.

the tech measured from a chassis screw to sub speaker measured +5v (weither radio was on or off)... Now thats strange, secondly dosn't bmw use a isolated set up , so measuring to chassis ground is BAD correct?? he should only measure across speaker term??

I can say even stranger, another identical car will indicate the above


same car but with buisness unit measures 0v even at a louad volume dunno why the head unit was make a difference here

note:both business hk cars and nav cars use same part# amps/sub speakers

the tech swapped out the little sub amp and the main amp my problem persisted and all above same

speakers in rear deck weren't swapped, but he say the sub's 6x9 were 20 ohms on label that sound correct??

the head unit wasn't swapped, yet

I was hoping that someone mighta either had a simular problem or perhaps technical enough to suggest some tests that could be done to try to hone in on the problem

the tech was really trying but it seems that the dealership and their 800 tech support really didn't have any 'scientific' testing procedures or instruments

any help is greatfully appreciated!

thanks to all
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