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Steel Blue e46 Thread

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I just wanted to start a steel blue thread to see what other people have done to there SB e46s so post up:thumbsup:
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Car looks GREAT, Amit (nice color too)! :thumbsup:

323i love, FTW! :)
Thanks bro :)
You're welcome (both of you). :thumbsup:

Amit... what's the significance of the "1988" in your sig? Please don't tell me that's your birthyear... I started my freshman year of high school that year (man I feel OLD!!!!) :rofl:
Well, it's a old SN, and when I changed my SN here, I got lazy to put a new sig, but yes I was born in 1988! :eeps:
Nice, if only the bank account permits. I'd love to be boosted, but I don't know how much longer I'd keep this car for
damn dude, is this a trustworthy shop? did they give a reason for the delays?
Is that car in post 68 even Steel Blue? :confused:
looks like, color is off.
my boi is about to purchase a steel blue m3 vert... i hope he buys it.. this color is:drool::drool:
I don't think they made M3's in steelblue.
1 - 20 of 579 Posts
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