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Hi All,

Just had my new exhaust from Stebro installed. To say the least I am very satsifed. The sound is incredible. I found myself sitting in my driveway, just starting the car, because I love the way it sounds so much. :woot: No droning at all, just a deep, throaty humm. I Can't really notice a power difference yet, but I haven't been driving that hard at all.

The quality of the exhaust looks excellent. The welds are awsome, and the tips are perfectly contoured to my bumper (I have the same bumper as on the ZHP and everything fits perfectly).

If you are in the market for a new exhaust, and you want a quality unit for a decent price, give these guys a call. It may be tough for some of you since Stebro is out in Canada, but I'd definitely say its worth it.
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