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Starter wires

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My starter has its normal wiring and works fine, my question is what are the 2 extra red wires for? The connector ends are in the picture too. I didn't pull them out of anything. When I bought the car they were there, but unhooked. Car even runs without them.
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what in the glib glob? where are they coming from?
The one is coming from that black wire and the other is hooked up the same way but further away in the harness for the starter
Not factory. It's anyone's guess what they were for.
Not factory. It's anyone's guess what they were for.
I figured that someone probably did something at some point. I bought the car for $900 and it wasn't running at all. Wouldn't even crank. New starter, new used fuel pump, new filter, new spark plugs, new pcv, new disa, new vacuum lines, still needs upper air boot. Runs now. Still has rough idle, but I cheaped out on a few things and regret it, since replaced them except fuel filter and it just runs rough with a misfire. So I'd say it was a decent deal. Now to figure out the cause to these last codes 🤣 pretty much narrowed down to fuel injectors, failing pump, bad fuel filter(last cheapy part still on car), that air boot and maf.

Anyways, I was just wondering if someone might have had an idea what those wires could've been for. Doesn't really matter because they don't hinder anything 🤣
maybe the guy had like a remote starter on it? who knows these days..

pop out that fuel filter !! and good luck mate
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If the car runs fine, then just wrap them up and zip tie.
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