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This subject has been covered many times. There are a number of the negative posts that are either repetitions of the same complaint or statements from a third party. In almost all of the threads there are posts from customers who have the SSR wheels on their cars and are very happy with them.

They are not soft, see my avatar...I've had the GT1 wheels for three years with both 35series and 40series rubber.

Here is a blurb from one of the previous threads about SSR strength :

Seems like everyone has 'heard' of SSRs bending for no good reason, but I've not seen many cases where someone has bent one, and honestly felt it was the wheels fault (ie: most caused by pothole damage on wheels with very low profile tires, curbing, etc...). .

All of the wheels SSR makes either exceed the Japanese (JWL/via) or German (tuv) testing authority standards. They exceed US DOT standards by a considerable margin.

SSR does extensive testing on random production samples to ensure consistent high quality. They X-Ray test every wheel they produce to check for hidden structural problems. The material for the wheel is delivered to the mold as a cylindrical billet of aluminum alloy. All billets are made from a precise alloy formed in a specific process that aligns the material in a spiral pattern. The weight of the billet is specific to the wheel being formed. The alloy is heated to a specific temperature and forged to the basic wheel shape. SSR then machines the wheel to specific applications. They optimize the machining so that they wheel meets the load requirements of the vehicle using the least amount of material.

We have found that SSR does as much if not more specific vehicle application design work as any wheel manufacturer we represent.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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