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SSG paddles on Old 3-spoke Sport Steering Wheel

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Sorry for the late reply.

1. That is not my car. That is a 323ci which belongs to a wife of a fellow BMW enthusiast.

2. The leather interior trim was made and designed by JonM of LeatherZ. This 323ci was one of the first few chosen to test fit the trims back when JonM was residing in So. Cal.

3. This is not plug N play device. <i>Good luck </i> to plugging SSG paddles directly into your Steptronic system.

4. All audio, cruise control, phone controls and horn work as normal.

5. No, the SSG paddles won't fall off when you drive.

6. Other kind of steering wheels for SSG paddles retrofit are under development and investigation. The 4-spoke has some major structural issues that I am looking into. But I give you my word that I will resolve it as soon as possible.

7. All other questions please direct to [email protected] or visit www.bmw-paddleshift-retrofit.com
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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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